For Industry Mentors

Why should I donate my expertise as an industry mentor?

As a Develop for Good mentor, not only will you support the causes you care deeply about through the missions of our nonprofit partners; you'll also be passing on your wisdom and experience to aspiring college students motivated to volunteer their skills for social good.

In addition to receiving basic training on being a great mentor, you will also have the chance to form meaningful mentor-mentee relationships with students from all backgrounds and universities. Develop for Good especially prioritizes making these student volunteer opportunities accessible to underrepresented minorities in tech; 1/3 of our volunteers are first-generation or low-income, and 2/3 of our volunteers identify as female.

Ultimately, as a mentor, you will be empowering the next generation of leaders in tech to commit their skills for social good early on in their careers while also accelerating the digital transformation of the nonprofit sector.

What can I do as a mentor for Develop for Good's student volunteers?

Develop for Good's project cycles are 14-week commitments. During each project cycle, you can:

1. Advise a project team of your choice (most needed!) 

Advise our university volunteers as they make key design and implementation decisions on their team project. You will be matched to a team based on your social impact interests and the compatibility of your profession and the needs of our volunteer teams. As a project advisor mentor, you will engage with your assigned team at least once every two weeks to touch base on the project and provide guidance. Scheduling is flexible between you and your team, and you are more than welcome to meet more frequently or on a more individualized basis!

2. Host workshops, fireside chats, career panels, code/design reviews, and other events

Hold events geared towards equipping our diversity of student volunteers with the training and techniques needed to succeed on their projects or break into the tech industry. 

What is the expected time commitment?

Project advisors are expected to commit approximately 2 hours per week. However, we strongly encourage mentors to be flexible and eager to interact with their teams over their nonprofit projects!

Mentors interested in hosting workshops or events are expected to commit at least 1 hour towards presenting their content and holding an open-floor Q&A. 

What is the current Industry Mentor application timeline?

**Note: Timeline may be subject to change.

How frequently are new Industry Mentors onboarded?

We have new project rounds three times annually (Spring - March, Summer - July, Winter - October). 

How does Develop for Good's nonprofit model work? 

The services fees we charge our clients are a small fraction of the real-world costs of these projects, and are thoroughly discussed beforehand with each client based on the project’s complexity and the nonprofit’s budget/financial situation. 100% of our clients' fees go straight back to Develop for Good to fund our operational expenses (read more about Our Nonprofit Model here).

What are other ways that I can amplify my impact?

1. Mentor university volunteers through your corporation's Volunteer Grant program

Through Corporate Volunteer Grant programs, companies provide monetary grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer. Check whether your corporation has one today!

2. Donate through your corporation’s Matching Gifts program

Hundreds of enterprise companies have Matching Gifts/Matching Donations programs that can amplify an employee's personal donations. We also welcome financial sponsorship from corporate Nonprofit Programs divisions. Donations will be used to fund internal software subscriptions and first-generation, low-income student volunteer fellowships. 

3. Connect us with your corporation's ESG initiative officer

Read about the ways that our corporate sponsors and partners have helped further our mission here

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