Volunteer FAQ

Why should I volunteer my skills as a developer or designer?

  • Gain real-world project experience in web/mobile application development, data science/visualization, and UI/UX/product design.

  • Make real-world impact. Our teams are currently saving some of our nonprofit partners over $20,000 a year in fees, or creating tools that impact millions of users across over 60 different countries.

  • Collaborate with talented and motivated students and recent grads from a variety of colleges and backgrounds.

What positions are available?

Product Manager 

  • Responsibilities:​
    • Main point of contact between the team, nonprofit client, and all other stakeholders.

    • Organizes internal team meetings and check-ins with the client.

    • Proposes and maintains a project timeline.

    • Scopes out technical approach and design requirements of project.

    • Organizes resources and ensures documentation of all work.

  • Skills desired:

    • Leadership​ and management; strong coordinating/organizational skills and initiative.

    • Strong technical skills required of the specific project.

Frontend Developer

  • ​Skills desired (any of):​
    • ​HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React
    • R, D3, and experience with data visualization tools like Tableau

Backend Developer

  • Skills desired (any of):​

    • Python, Java, Ruby, PHP

    • Express.js, Node.js, Django

    • Databases like MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite

Product/UI/UX Designer

  • Skills desired (any of):

    • User experience investigation with data analytics

    • User flow diagramming

    • Prototyping with tools like Figma and Sketch

    • Building with content management systems

We have positions available for the following roles, based on your background and interests:

I don't have much technical experience; can I still apply?

We recognize that every talented developer or designer has once been in the position of seeking project experiences to refine their skills. We see our opportunities as learning experiences, and encourage anyone interested in tech/design and creating social impact to apply. Additionally, our team members come from a range of experiences and backgrounds. It's definitely possible to be matched with a project even if you aren't super technical, as we have projects that are more design thinking-focused.

What is the expected time commitment?

We require a minimum time commitment of 5-10 hours/week for up to 10 weeks or until project completion, whichever occurs first. Developers on projects that are not fully completed within a 10-week project cycle have the option of staying on the team until the project is finished. 

What is the current application timeline?

**Note: Timeline will be updated with exact dates.

How frequently are new volunteers sourced?

We have new project rounds every 3-4 months (Fall - August, Winter - December, Spring - March, Summer - June). Eligible volunteers who have applied previously but did not get matched will receive priority for being matched to their project of choice in the following round.

I want to receive updates about new projects in future rounds! 

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