Our Projects

Take a look at a few of our ongoing projects:

Purpose: Provide youth with resources including podcasts, guides for action, Climate Corps activist training, conference events, alumni network, and more.

Scope: Develop a landing page/mobile or web app

Purpose: Provide community groups and officials with a simple way to view citizen complaints and other relevant data for advocacy efforts and legal action.

Scope: Develop a Progressive Web Application

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Purpose: Provide resources & opportunities for a wide range of topics, including COVID-19, gender equality, education, and parenting.

Scope: Develop a Progressive Web Application

Impact: Over a million users across 63 countries

Purpose: Connect data from conversations with U-Reporters to global policymakers on emergency relief and health policy.

Scope: Improve the interface

& performance of Android app

Impact: Over 8 million users across 60 countries

Internet of Good Things
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Purpose: Develop a proprietary tool to conduct surveys in rural areas.

Scope: Progressive Web Application developed in React native, with Firebase integration.

Impact: Replicates iFormBuilder functionality which no longer works on Android 4 tablets, and allows for significant savings on subscriptions fees ($20,000/year).

In-House Survey Tool
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Purpose: Improve/re-create the water and sanitation for health facility improvement tool, in terms of data visualization, process evaluation, and costing. 

Scope: Full stack mobile application.

Impact: Users in 36 countries who rely on WASH FIT sanitation indicators and targets for achieving the minimum standards needed for maintaining a safe and clean environment.

Water and Sanitation for Health Facility Improvement Tool (WASH FIT)
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Purpose: Provide disadvantaged youth in urban areas with access to continued learning opportunities and resources for economic opportunity.

Scope: Mobile application to share learning content, connect youth with critical employment opportunities and promote support services (counseling, mentoring, and entrepreneurship coaching).

Impact: First phase of implementation: LAC markets (Lima and Bogota). Second phase: Cairo, Istanbul, and Dhaka.

Educational Mobile Application
Data Management

Impact: Improve the efficency of data uploading process for ithe Smithonian Institute entymology department. 

Scope: Simplify linking two relational databases for processing and uploading species data in the entomology department.

Purpose: Currently, data processing and uploading are manual; need an automated process to increase efficiency.

Purpose: Produce accessibility maps (shapefiles) and quantitative indicators for multiple cities (isochrone maps with travel times to nearest school, health clinic, etc.)

Scope: Data analytics & visualization

Impact: Assess the extent to which existing public transport systems in African cities serve the needs of accessibility to health and education opportunities.

Geospatial Data Visualizations
Youth Activism App
Environmental Hazard Reporting App 

Purpose: Provide community groups and officials with a simple way to view citizen complaints and other relevant data for advocacy efforts and legal action.

Scope: Develop a Progressive Web Application

Purpose: Provide youth with resources including podcasts, guides for action, Climate Corps activist training, conference events, alumni network, and more.

Scope: Develop a landing page/mobile or web app

CARE Sierra Leone - Rainbo Initiative

CARE Zambia - Live Well 

CARE International - Women Respond

CARE Tanzania - Micro to Macro Data

CARE International - Your Choice Your Future

Care International - RISKREADY

CARE Myanmar - STOP Sexual Harrassment

CARE Somali - Maternal Hospital Delivery App

CARE International - Crowdfunding Platform

CARE International - Water Team

CARE Ethiopia- GBV reporting

CARE Niger- USAID Hamzari

CARE Cote d'Ivoire - WASH

CARE Turkey - information system app

CARE Yemen - Youth & Women Initiative

CARE Palestine - Website Redesign

16 Projects with CARE International
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Purpose: In-house mobile application to help with guest check-ins, program updates, facility maps, and contact information, especially given new required procedures in light of COVID-19.

Scope: Full stack mobile application.

Impact: Over 50,000 families with children at hospitals who visit the largest Ronald McDonald House (located in San Diego).

In-House Mobile Application
Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.40.18 PM.pn

Purpose: Add a new component to nature.org’s Content Management System to help authors build out webpages.

Scope: CMS Component

Impact: The website is used in over 79 countries and by TNC’s 1 million+ members.

Addition to Content Management System 
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 1.32.24 AM.png

Purpose: Encourage patients to be more engaged in their medical care, retrieve their medical data, and to potentially donate their data to cancer research institutes for clinical research. 

Scope:  Create a patient education website that helps individuals understand what medical data is available about them.

Impact: Increase patient awareness and access to data, and facilitate cancer research.

Educational Website
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Purpose: Redesign the main website to highlight past success stories and program information for potential participants.

Scope: Develop an initial design on Figma, and then create the website on Squarespace with code injections to allow for ease of handover.

Impact: Attract both program participants and donors to join SBU's mission with compelling design and user interface.

Website Redesign
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.23.36 AM.png

Purpose:  Modernize the current website and design relevant graphic material and user flow.

Scope: Website redesign on Figma, followed by development in Wordpress or Squarespace with code injections for ease of handover.

Impact: Help support Native American tribes to foster their own culturally based forms of justice by increasing accessibility of information.

Website Redesign
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.25.57 AM.png

Purpose: Make the existing Youth Development Toolbox more of a living tool and easily updatable for non-technical content providers.

Scope: Fully redesign and develop Progressive Web Application.

Impact: This will benefit several thousand club workers and club staff across the United States. 

Youth Development Toolbox
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.27.53 AM.png

Purpose: Create a unified design for web tools used by the California Plant Rescue to secure all the rare plant species in California from extinction.

Scope: Full stack redesign for a suite of web tools including a plant database, web map, and web application.

Impact: These tools help CPC prioritize their efforts so that they can prevent any plant species that are a part of California’s unique botanical heritage from going extinct.

Web Tools Redesign
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.35.25 AM.png

Purpose: Increase accessibility of candidate forums through web streaming platforms, primarily for a non-technical audience.

Scope: Analysis of potential options for improving accessibility, followed by potential development of a web tool.

Impact: Expand public access to candidate forums in real time, especially during COVID-19.

Candidate Forum Web Streaming

Purpose:  Design an interactive prototype of a personalized nutrition app geared to the elderly aged 50+ who have a chronic illness and live in a food desert.

Scope: Mobile application prototype

Impact: Design an interactive prototype of a personalized nutrition app geared to the elderly aged 50+ who have a chronic illness and live in a food desert.

Personalized Nutrition App
Application Redesign 
Fundraising Report Card

Scope: Application redesign

Purpose:  Improve the current recruiting program application with redesign and increased usability.

Purpose:  GCY is the only gap year organization that offers need-based aid to the majority of its participants (currently, 80% receive some level of aid to join).

Scope: A Fundraising Report Card enabling GCY to keep a pulse on fundraising efforts, allowing them to craft their fundraising strategy to engage donors more effectively.

Purpose: Website that provides more detail about the program and is more patient-facing so prospective participants can look them up and learn how to access services.

Scope: Website design with built in program referral form

Impact: TF works with newly-arrived children and families who came to the US fleeing violence, poverty, and other situations that endangered their life and access to happiness.

Website Design with Referral Program 

Purpose: Easterseals has an existing e-learning program for job hunting skills. Goal is to convert it into a more modern app-based approach and improve the user experience.

Scope: Mobile application

Impact: This is a high profile initiative for Easterseals with a major impact on the community, especially in light of COVID-19 and all the people who are out of work.

E-Learning Mobile App

Purpose:  Revamp their website and create interactive data visualizations to reflect 1Day Sooner’s activities and positions on the latest vaccine developments.

Scope: Website redesign and data visualizations

Impact: Advocates on behalf of 32,000+ potential COVID-19 challenge trial volunteers. 
Open roles: UI/UX/Product Designers, Data visualization designers

Data Visualizations & Web Design
Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.53.00 AM.png

Purpose: Automate data collection and aggregation processes. Additionally, create a dashboard of automated data visualizations of tax season data.

Scope: Improve data management process and create data visualizations

Impact: Currently, data processing is mostly manual and inefficient, so an automated method is highly desired. Visualizations are needed to show sponsors impact of efforts.

Data Management & Visualizations

Purpose: Digitizing multiple forms from website for ~300 users to complete and upload (using metadata) to organize/categorize for efficiency.

Scope: Data system web application

Impact: CASA serves kids in the child welfare system who rely on input from forms collected from multiple sources. Data is disparate and requires an efficient system.

Data System Web App

Purpose: The work will involve improving the design features of the existing website (sambhalius.org) in terms of graphic design, user flow, and site layout.

Scope: Redesign existing website in more intuitive manner; create graphic design materials

Impact: Improve the user experience for organization members, as well as donors.

Graphic and Web Design

Purpose:  Create an efficient way to onboard new employees and keep track of important personnel files for all staff members.

Scope: Web App Prototype

Impact: Increased organization ability allowing them to maintain low fees.

Onboarding System Prototype

Purpose: Operating Room staff education website design for a surgical team of almost 300

Scope: Creating a website to help provide education materials to Operating Room staff, and allow staff to quickly access materials while in the operating room suite.

Impact: Currently there is no central location for perioperative educational materials. PowerPoints, Job-aids, and training videos are usually emailed out to staff, but these materials are difficult to find later on.

Operating Room Staff Education Website