Volunteer PM, Developer, & Designer Testimonials

Read about the experiences that a few of our PMs, developers, and designers have had volunteering on a Develop for Good team!

“As someone who grew up with few resources for learning, I figured that this application could be used to help other children who desire learning materials that are accessible to them in their native language. By teaming up with Save the Children, we could make this happen!”

    - Eduardo Esteban, Stanford University ‘22 (Save the Children Project)


“I was attracted to this particular project because a couple of months ago my mother was diagnosed with cervical leiomyosarcoma. Being a relatively rare cancer, she was directed to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Genomic Sequencing for cancer patients is so important in regards to access to personalized treatment but also preventative care for the patient's family.”

    - Austine Peng, UC Berkeley ‘22 (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute + Harvard Medical School Project)


"Through Develop For Good, I've been able to land several UI and UX designer interviews and enhance my portfolio. It has given me the real world experience I lacked as a student and paved the way to other opportunities. Develop For Good is amazing and I would definitely help out again!"

    - Ashley Villagonzalo, Cal State Northridge ‘20 (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Project)


“I am really grateful that I was assigned to 1Day Sooner. In terms of professional work experience, I talked about this project a lot, which was not only very relevant but also a great point of conversation when it came to interviews. For example, this project helped me land an internship for a boutique consulting firm that specializes in clean energy advisory in developing countries. They were looking for someone with R/Tableau/project management skills/an interest in creating social impact, and my experience with D4G caught their attention and clearly demonstrated my desire to help others. My time here has also helped me map out my career path  (definitely did not know where I was going before this). 

Furthermore, I guess some ways working virtually might be strange, but at the same time, it allots so much more space to creating social capital in areas where you'd never expect to go (I was really happy to meet new people from different schools I otherwise would not have had the chance to speak to). In the future I hope to be doing more projects with D4G. Even if that's not possible (as I will be graduating next semester), I hope I can be a part of an alumni group or be of any support to the organization (i.e. providing guidance if D4G designers/developers are having issues on Tableau, coding in Python, etc).”


    - Emily Xu, UC Berkeley ‘21 (1Day Sooner Project)


“Taking the fall semester off, I was worried that I would fall into the hole of laziness and unproductivity where I learn nothing new. However, this program has honestly been one of the best hands-on learning experiences I've ever had. It has taught me more about how to be a better product manager and a designer more than any of the online courses/books I have ever been through. Through my team-mates and additional research during the course of this cohort, I have not only learned how to improve my design process, but also improved my time-management, product assessment and organization skills. I couldn't thank the DFG team enough for this amazing opportunity!!”

    - Priyanka Dangol, Grinnell College ‘21 (Do For Children Project)


"I personally love this program. It is positive experience for everyone involved. We all are working for a good cause, all team members gain experience , and charities get projects off the ground they may have never gotten around too. It's been a really moving experience. Ive been raving about this program to everyone i know. Develop For Good is wonderful organization."

    - Garrison Shepard, Hunter College '20, (Environmental Defense Fund Hazard Reporting Project)


“I've been making video games and mobile apps for years, and while I love every stage of the creative process, I've always been doing it alone. I want to get a taste of the collaborative creative process - which is more representative of how things are built in the real world. Volunteering is a win win because I get to do this while helping make the world a slightly better place.”


     - Anderson Addo, Brown University ‘23 (CARE International Your Choice Your Future Project)


“I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work on projects that make an impact through Develop for Good, which is something that I always strive to find and do as an aspiring Product Designer or UX Researcher. I love the fact that DFG also isn't just centralized in the U.S., but reaches out to nonprofits across the world to give young and talented designers and developers a chance to work on their skills while doing good on a global level. It helps make us better people and brings the world closer together :)”

    - Amanda Lo, UC San Diego ‘20 (CARE International STOP Sexual Harassment Project)


“It's rewarding to have hands-on experience with a project that creates real-world impact! Even more so, it's incredible to share this experience with a cohort that has similar goals in creating meaningful products for social good.”

    - Annie Lin, UC Berkeley ‘22 (Global Citizen Year App Design Project)


“The organizations dedicated to tackling the world's most challenging issues are often the most under-resourced. In the nonprofit sector, advancements in design and technology can be especially impactful. Through Develop for Good, I have been able to work with nonprofits to help empower women and children in India and South Sudan.”

    - Siriveena Nandam, University of Miami ‘20 (CLC South Sudan and Sambhali U.S. Projects) 


“I like being able to feel like my skills are being directly used to improve something in the world and this was definitely very applicable to Develop for Good. Specifically for my project, it's good to know that I can support women in Rajasthan.”


    - Ana Maria Rodriguez, Columbia University ‘23 (Sambhali U.S. Project)


“I'm passionate about using technology and my technical skills to create a positive change in the world. I think it's super important to give back to the world, and working with Develop for Good has enabled me to do that while doing something that I enjoy.”

    - Ashlee Kupor, Stanford University ‘23 (Easterseals Project)


“I am passionate about designing for social impact and I also am currently conducting research for my honors thesis on designing for crisis preparation on social media, so this project was a perfect fit for my interests.”

    - Irene Chen, UC Santa Barbara ‘21 (Environmental Defense Fund Hazard Reporting Project)


“I've always been passionate about using technology and innovation to help improve accessibility to education. With as little as 10 hours of work a week, we will be providing access to thousands of records of data for scientific research and public education. I'm very appreciative of this opportunity and can't wait to see the impact we have, for scientific researchers and people all over the world that are seeking to learn more about what the Smithsonian has to offer.”

    - Baadshah Verma, Queen’s University ‘21 (Smithsonian Institution Project)


“I was motivated to join Develop for Good because I love that it gives me an opportunity to strengthen my technical skills and gain real-world experience while having a tangible impact on the world. “

     - Shobha Dasari, Stanford University ‘23 (CARE International Somali Project)


“Always been passionate about using technology and innovation for positive social change! With UReport, we are allowing youth and people from all over the world to have a voice, connecting data gathered from their thoughts and opinions to global policymakers!”

    - Karen Zhu, Barnard College of Columbia University (UNICEF U-Report App)


“Most of my technical skills have been applied to capital and industry in internships and research. Develop for Good enables me to volunteer my technical skills for a. cause I believe strongly in -- the preservation and education of the natural world. In addition to this, I hope to gain new perspectives on the field of data engineering in its application to the environment.“

    - Kimmy Chang, Stanford University ‘22 (Smithsonian Institution Project)


"I was quite amazed at how much I learned from this experience. I got to meet new people and work with them even during this unprecedented time. I think there was definitely a lot of takeaway from this opportunity. " 


    - Shahidullah Rahman, Brooklyn College '20 (World Health Organization Project)


“Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and apply my skills as a designer. I had a great experience and would recommend others to participate as well!”

    - Aeon Pablo, UC Davis ‘20 (Global Citizen Year App Design Project)