Our story

Founded in Spring 2020, Develop for Good empowers social good through its diverse community of students, industry professionals, and nonprofits working towards all areas of social impact. At our core, we aim to empower the next generation of leaders in tech to commit their skills for social good early on in their careers and accelerate the digital transformation of the nonprofit sector.

Executive team

Mary Zhu

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Mary Zhu graduated from Stanford University in 2021, completing both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science in four years. Born to immigrant parents in Wisconsin and raised in New Hampshire, Mary grew up receiving nonprofit aid and is particularly passionate about giving back and serving the economically disadvantaged. Mary founded her first 501(c)3 nonprofit in high school by baking and decorating cakes for charity. She has long advocated for skills-based volunteerism, and was invited to speak at TEDxStanford about “Rethinking volunteerism: donating your comparative advantage.” In her free time, Mary enjoys carving watermelon art, drinking boba with 100% sugar, and listening to EDM.

Management team

Amanda Lo

Design Lead

Victoria Ang

Legal Affairs Lead

Sunint Bindra

Finance Lead

Board of Directors

Amay Aggarwal

Co-Founder, Develop for Good
Amay co-founded Develop for Good as a senior at Stanford, where he earned a Masters degree in Computer Science. He is now an Associate Product Manager at Uber.

Craig Young

Craig Young Foundation
Craig is a serial entrepreneur and venture philanthropist. By the mid-1990s, Craig was the leading outside software supplier to SDRC and Apple’s software subsidiary, Claris. He founded the Craig S. Young Family Foundation in 1995, and sold his most lucrative business to SDRC in 1998. He now leads Inspiring Service, a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and empower people and organizations to engage in volunteering.

Advisory board

Mendel Rosenblum

Founder, VMWare

Scott Forstall

iPhone/iOS co-inventor

Mo Fong

Executive Director, Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center

Bob Murata

Director of Program Management, Adobe

Rosalyn Mahashin

Strategic Partner Manager, Facebook

Philip Chow

Founder, Humanitas

Kevin Wang

Founder, Microsoft TEALS

Garron Engstrom

Social Impact Manager, Facebook

Erica Hanson

Sr. Program Manager, Google

Minlan Duan

Strategic Parternships, Waymo

Josh Weiss

Grad School of Education Director, Stanford

Murray Buckman

Tax Leader & Educator

Michael Barnaby

Product Owner, Oracle

Jerry Cain

CS Professor, Stanford

Bryan Breckenridge

Head of Impact, Snyk


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