Our work

Develop for Good volunteers have built websites and apps for over one hundred nonprofit organizations serving dozens of different causes.

Featured case

Additional cases

Pangolino marketing site

Wildlife conservation network
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Project title

Climate Donor
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Brand website redesign

Study hall
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Designing an online storefront and platform

Justice Cream
Design a new website that drives donations, education about Justice Cream's mission, and increases sales for this social impact dessert shop.

Crowdfunding website design and prototype

An agile team of students rapidly designed a crowdfunding platform for ecosystems services, benefitting small-scale farmers and community environments

Web Tools Redesign

San Diego Zoo
Develop for Good volunteers designed a web app to enable search and tracking of California plant species

Crowdfunding website for underprivileged communities

Break the Tide
We developed a WordPress site that introduces BreaktheTide, a new organization whose purpose is to use crowdfunding to create a impact for underprivileged communities

Using Data and UI/UX to Combat COVID-19

1Day Sooner
Our volunteer team redesigned 1Day Sooner’s website and created interactive visualizations that would help create awareness about COVID-19 risk and vaccine funding.

Developing an search-engine friendly online presence

Do For Children
A passionate group of Develop for Good volunteers built a website enabling youth and community empowerment in Malawi

Website redesign to improve engagement and education

Present Now
As PRESENT NOW grows to become a national organization, their website needs to appeal to donors, volunteers, and shelters who expect a higher level of professionalism

Website Redesign to increase volunteer engagement and visibility

One Community
Redesigned website for better usability

A mobile application to better enable low-income families to gain access to C2K’s resources

Developed a mobile application for low-income families and individuals to get access to low-cost computers and maintain communication with C2K.

Personalized Chronic Health Nutrition App Design

An interactive prototype of a personalized nutrition app geared to the 50+ who have a chronic illness

Leveraging Data for Equality — Visualizing and Analyzing Geospatial Shapefiles

The World Bank
Visualized and analyzed multiple historical survey data sets and geospatial shapefiles in Tableau

Tax-Aid Data Visualization

Tax Aid
Our team created dashboards to run future resource allocation decisions