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We design and develop affordable websites and apps by pairing our clients with teams of talented design, product, and engineering students from leading universities around the world.

Featured case studies

Pangolino marketing site

Wildlife conservation network
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Climate Donor
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Brand website redesign

Study hall
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How Develop for Good works for nonprofits

We recruit top talent

Top students from hundreds of universities are accepted based on their skills, interests, and motivation

We learn about your needs

After you submit a proposal, we'll schedule a scoping call to understand your design and development needs

We match your team

We build a team with the skills, motivation, experience, and interest in supporting nonprofit causes like yours

Our work

Designing an online storefront and platform

Justice Cream
Volunteers passionate about justice created a storefront website for a nonprofit cultivating a new collective consciousness through education and ice cream.

Crowdfunding website design and prototype

An agile team of students rapidly designed a crowdfunding platform for ecosystems services, benefitting small-scale farmers and community environments
"Develop for Good provided us with smart, creative and mature students who were able to effectively take the WHO tool for improving water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities and create a simple and robust application to better track and make local improvements.”
Maggie Montgomery
Technical Officer, World Health Organization

Our volunteers come from leading programs

How we pick our projects

We look for several key criteria that make projects accessible to part-time student volunteers

Flexible timeline

Our projects never go over budget, but some deadline flexibility helps us navigate student's busy schedules.

Dedicated point person

Projects go most smoothly when someone from your organization meets with volunteers weekly to answer questions and provide prompt feedback.

Flexible tech stack

Products launch quicker when volunteers can leverage the technologies they know best, such as React and React Native. We're not able to support all tech stacks.

Our services

We offer design and development services at significantly reduced rates. Our fees go directly towards providing students with hands-on learning experiences that will shape their careers.

Website & app design

Whether you want a new website or mobile app, our designers will bring your vision to life through a refined design process.
Team size
5+ volunteers
14+ weeks
Volunteer hours

No-code websites

Our volunteers build responsive websites on no-code platforms so your team can make any future changes.
Design + simple build
Team size
8+ volunteers
16+ weeks
Volunteer hours
Figma + Webflow

Custom-built apps

Our volunteers can develop web and mobile apps when complex functionality is necessary to solve your unique needs.
Design + complex build
Team size
12+ volunteers
24+ weeks
Volunteer hours
React, React Native, Node, Firebase

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